After a car accident, one question comes to mind “When To Hire An Attorney After Car Accident?“. You should get in touch with an attorney as soon as you can. You can start looking for an attorney the same day of the accident or in a few days. But delaying the process may result in contamination of the pieces of evidence that might be helpful once you have to file a claim.

A car accident may result in short or long-term injuries. As you get busy dealing with the medical treatments and healing from the physical and mental damages, a car accident attorney can help you in getting compensation for the damages caused.

Your car insurance company can also help you in finding an attorney. Otherwise, you can search in one of the databases available. According to the statute of limitations, any lawsuit or injury must be reported within the given time span. In some states, the time is one year but for some, it can be up to 6 years. On average it’s 2-3 years.

When To Hire An Attorney After Car Accident?

How can a car injury attorney help you?

They can help you in getting the proper compensation. You may be entitled to monetary benefits from the other party’s insurance company. But if you try to settle the situation yourself, the situation may not always be in your favour.

The company professionals may try to put you in a situation where you may admit that you have a fair share of damage caused. And such statements may be noted and used against you. Thus your claimed amount will be reduced. A car accident attorney, with their years of expertise, can negotiate better.

There are two cases where one party is more at fault than the other. Let’s look at each of these ones by one-

1. If you are the victim

In this case, your insurance company can help in paying for the car damages. They can also get you an attorney who can help in getting the compensation from the other party’s insurance company. Or, they can file a lawsuit against the company in case they cannot provide you all the monetary benefits that you deserve.

Your attorney makes a case and proves that they were guilty. For example, they were drunk driving or not adhering to the traffic rules properly. They will also help in preparing the documents to show the damages caused to you and your vehicle.

2.  If the other party is the victim

Third-party car insurance deals with any type of damage caused to the other party or their vehicles. They can help you with any legal complications. If the compensation they can provide has exceeded their limit then you can hire an attorney yourself who can help you in dealing and negotiating with another party. They can help you in getting a settlement offer and in extreme cases, they can help you in filing a court case.

Why do you need a car injury attorney?

A car accident may result in severe injuries. In that case, you cannot gather all the evidence in order to file a claim against the other party’s insurance company. You need a car injury lawyer near me to represent you for this. So it will be better if you get in contact with one as soon as you are stable. Their law firm can gather all the evidence and information to make a strong case for you.

If your insurance company has given off all the payments for your car’s damage and your monetary benefits have exceeded their payment. Then they cannot help you in getting a lawyer. In that case, you can hire one yourself.

Also, if a lawyer does not see the potential in your case then they can turn the offer down. But in such a case, you should stay calm and keep searching for the right attorney.

Go to a good database or ask your colleagues. You should choose a specialized attorney that has good experience and a previous record of winning similar cases. You should ask them if they have handled many such cases before. If yes then how much can they get you?

There are not only physical injuries but emotional trauma involved. For example, if you cannot show up to your job then that will lead to a financial crisis in your family. For that, you need a good lawyer to help you get the money that includes your daily wages, medical bills, and repair fees.

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