In this article, we’ll talk about the Top 10 Best Personal Injury Lawyer Austin. Personal injury cases are hard to handle on your own if you have been severely injured and have no experience with such legal matters. Seeking a professional’s help in these cases is the best option. And to help you find the right Austin Personal Injury Attorney for your situation, we are providing here a list of personal injury lawyer Austin.

best personal injury attorney austin

Best Personal Injury Lawyer Austin

1. FVF Law

FVF Law in Austin has decades of experience in handling cases of car accidents, drunk driving accidents, wrongful death cases, and many others. Their team consists of personal injury attorneys, paralegals, case managers and other non-attorney support staff. Furthermore, they’ve 5 star rating on Yelp and a 10 star rating on Avvo. The firm’s foundation was laid in 2014 by Josh Fogelman and Aaron von Flatern. And so far they’ve handled and resolved 950+ injury-related cases. To conclude, you can contact them 24/7 for any legal queries related to your situation.

Address: 3101 Bee Caves Rd #301 Austin, TX 78746

Phone: (512) 982-9328


Review: Had a great experience with FVF Law, they answered all of my questions and I had lots of them. On the whole I’m extremely happy with my case outcome, huge shoutout to David, Elizabeth and Paloma!!!! To sum up, from start to finish I was well informed about my case and every concern was addressed. Thank you all! – Abe M.

Therefore, the FVF law firm can be considered to have one of the best personal injury lawyer Austin.

  1. TK Injury Lawyers

At TK Injury Lawyers, the clients work directly with the Austin personal injury lawyers, Jim Terry, and Trent Kelly. To illustrate further, they’ve recovered more than one million dollars for a case of semi-truck collision. In another such commercial vehicle crash, they recovered nearly $663,876 for the victim. With many winning cases like this, they are ready to help you with any legal matters.

Address: 1002 Rio Grande St Austin, TX 78701

Phone: (512) 872-4584 | (512) 910 – 2000


Review: Thank you for guiding me through the entire process. Additionally, Austin Taylor was very patient and gave me all the information that I needed to experience a successful outcome. To conclude, I greatly appreciate all the hard work! – Thomas J.

  1. McMinn Law Firm

McMinn Law Firm offers help for individuals hurt due to local injuries and car accidents in Austin. Moreover they work on a No-Win-No-Fee basis which is beneficial for you as a client. The firm has been serving many locations across central Texas for more than 20 years. Furthermore, they have more than 15 years of experience in dealing with injured victims and have so far recovered over 100 million dollars. Their practice areas include, car accidents, truck accidents, and personal injury claims. To be specific, they recovered $1.3M in Drunk Driving Crash Settlement.

Therefore, the McMinn Law Firm can be considered to have one of the best personal injury lawyers in Austin. For any further information you can directly contact them.

Address: 502 W 14th St Austin, TX 78701

Phone: (512) 474-0222


Review: I was rear ended by a large truck. But, I’m thankful for Justin and Jason and their team and all the hard work they put into resolving my case! Therefore, I highly recommend that you contact them if you’re injured in a wreck! – Lori M.

  1. Thomas J. Henry Law

Thomas J. Henry Law is one of the largest personal injury firms in Texas. Furthermore they’ve recovered nearly $50 Million in a trucking accident. And they were awarded lawyer of the year in 2021 by the American Institute of Legal Professionals. Furthermore, the firm has over 25 years of experience in handling cases of auto accidents, company vehicle accidents, trucking accidents, workplace accidents and many others. So, if you have any questions related to these legal matters you can directly contact the firm for any further information.

Address: 4401 West Gate Blvd Suite 200 Austin, TX 78745

Phone: 512-520-0221


Review: Thanks Thomas J. Henry Law firm is the best in the business. Truly, you really fight for your clients. With dealing with an accident never is easy your service assured us everything would be ok in a tuff time of therapy your whole team is amazing. – Curtis M.

  1. Lorenz & Lorenz, PLLC

Lorenz & Lorenz, PLLC lawyers are available for a free consultation 24/7. The firm has been actively involved in handling personal injury-related cases since 2001. They’ve more than 200 five-star reviews on Google. Some of their winning cases are $950,000 in a Motorcycle Accident, $800,000 for a T-bone collision, $765,000 for an accident case of a drunk-driver, and many more. Therefore, Lorenz & Lorenz, PLLC can be considered to have one of the best personal injury lawyers in Austin. Contact them directly for any further information.

Address: 1515 S. Capital of Texas Hwy. Ste. 500 Austin, TX 78746

Phone: 512-477-7333


Review: If you are searching for work that is challenging and meaningful then this is the organization for you because we are a hard working law firm that defends our Clients against giant insurance companies that do not play fair. – Jorge L.

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  1. DC Law

DC Law has been helping personal injury victims for the last 25 years. Led by Attorney Dan Christensen, a licensed attorney, the DC Law firm is one of the largest law firms in Texas. Additionally, Dan is also recognised as a Super Lawyer and is a member of the American Board of Trial Advocates. Furthermore, one of their winning cases include the recovery of $2.9 Million in a pedestrian accident case. So if you are facing any such legal troubles, you can directly contact them for a free case evaluation.

Address: DC Law – North 1012 W Anderson Ln Austin, Texas 78757

Phone: 5125808967


Review: DC Law has been so helpful to me and my daughter. In fact, I haven’t had to worry about anything. The paralegal that’s working on my case is always reassuring me every time I talk to her that they’re going to take care of things, that I don’t need to worry about anything. On the whole, I could tell they were genuinely concerned for my daughter and all the suffering that she’s gone through in these last 5 months. – Jessica

  1. Funk & Associates

Funk & Associates handle cases involving Car Accidents, Truck Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents and other Personal Injury-related cases. To illustrate further, they have their main office in Austin and are licensed by the Supreme Court of Texas. Apart from other awards they have also appeared in Thomson Reuters Super Lawyers Magazine. Therefore, Fun & Associates can be considered to have one of the best personal Injury lawyer Austin. For any further information you should directly contact them.

Address: 5500 N Interstate Hwy 35 Austin, TX 78751

Phone: (512) 472-3865


Review: I was rear ended on Mopac by a driver who wasn’t paying attention. I reached out to funk and associates and they were very quick and confident in taking on my case. They took care of me much quicker than I had anticipated this process going. – Robi E.

  1. The Carlson Law Firm

The Carlson Law Firm serves in Austin, Texas as well as many other locations in the state. To illsurtate further, the firm has over 45 years of experience and has bilingual staff to help the clients get the best customer service possible. Established in 1976 the firm now has 40 lawyers and 160 supporting legal staff. Additionally they’ve a good reputation of getting the maximum compensation for their clients.

Address: North Austin 11606 N N Interstate Hwy 35 Austin, TX 78753

Phone: 15123465688


Review: Todd is very genuine and sincere. My deepest gratitude to Todd for all his hard work and efforts. Thank you! – Angela K.

  1. Batrice Law Firm

Batrice Law Firm has over 20 years of experience in dealing with personal injury-related cases. Furthermore, they’ve recovered more than $2 Million in a case of spinal cord injury, $1Million in a case of brain injury and many others. They have multilingual staff, and experienced attorneys to handle your case. For any further information you can contact them directly.

Address: 807 Las Cimas Pkwy suite 150, Austin, TX 78746

Phone: (512) 600-1000 | (512) 600-0217


Review: This was my first, and hopefully only, time having to get a lawyer to work on my behalf and it was a wonderful experience. They made sure I understood each part of the process and guided me along the way. I highly recommend them. – Askia L.

  1. Joe Lopez Law

Joe Lopez Law has been serving injured victims since 2015. Joe started practicing law in 2003. And Super Lawyers in Texas selected Joe Lopez as a rising star in 2015. Additionally, they’ve over 10 years of experience in bodily injury litigation and insurance claims. Joe is fluent in both Spanish and English. They’ve recovered over $1 Million for 18-wheeler crash victims. Therefore if you have any such legal troubles or you are spanish-speaking individual, consider calling Joe Lopez Law for any further queries.

Address: 1502 West Ave. Austin, TX 78701

Phone: (512) 580-9962


Review: I can’t say enough positive things about Joe Lopez. I called 5 attorneys before I found Joe. He was so thorough and tenacious. I will forever be indebted to this man. He went above and beyond for me. He’s the best!! – Bren S.

  1. Greenway Law Firm

Greenway Law Firm has been helping Texans since 1993. The firm has been handling cases of car accidents, truck accidents, pedestrian and bicycle collisions, and many others. They were able to get a settlement of $800,000 in a Motorcycle Accident. To understand if you are eligible for benefits, filing an insurance claim, or other financial compensation, consider contacting them directly.

Address: 3303 Northland Dr. Ste. 205 Austin, TX 78731

Phone: (512) 452-9996


Review: I had one of my best experiences with the Greenway Law Firm. On the whole, John is honest, informative and a pleasure to speak with. Therefore, I would highly recommend the Greenway firm. – Alison W.

Therefore, Greenway law firm can be considered one of the best personal injury lawyer Austin.

  1. Zinda Law Group

Zinda Law Group has over 100 years of combined experience in representing injured victims across the state. Moreover, With many awards and accolades in their name they have experience in Litigation-Focused Representation and work on No-Win-No-Fee basis. They are available 24/7 to answer any such legal queries.

Address:  8834 N Capital of Texas Hwy Suite 304, Austin, TX 78759, United States

Phone: 512-601-4349


Review: Neil is a careful listener and explains his suggestions thoroughly and with patience. Also, He is honest with you and proactive in his approach. It is easy to see that Neil truly cares about the integrity of his work and the satisfaction of his clients.

I highly recommend Neil and Zinda & Davis for any of your personal injury needs! – Gwen V.

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We hope that the list of Austin personal injury lawyers and related resources listed here will be helpful to the readers in finding the best lawyer for their situation.


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