What is a personal injury attorney? A personal injury attorney is someone who helps you in providing you with your legal rights, compensation, and represents you legally during your injury in an accident. 

If you are going under serious injuries due to an accident because of someone’s negligence and damage is more. You should focus on your health, medical treatment, meditation, doctors, and your peace of mind and let your personal injury lawyer handle your legal case while you focus on yourself. 

There are a lot of complications after personal injury which could be difficult for you to handle. Complications Like:

  • If you had a car or any motor accident. You have to answer to police officers regarding investigations.
  • Your insurance company may want to know your statement regarding your personal injury. They want your statement to know whether they owe you no-fault personal injury protection (“PIP”) or they owe to another party driver.
  • As the medical bills will be adding on day by day. Hospital staff will ask you how you want to settle the bills. 

You might think you can answer these all things on your own but keep in mind if there is too much at stake don’t risk your case. Hire a personal injury attorney in such cases where there are a lot of damages. You should hire a professional personal injury attorney. Who could represent you while you take care of your health and mental state.

What is personal injury attorney

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What Does A Personal Injury Attorney Do?

A personal injury lawyer can help you in a lot of ways while you take care of your health. 

  • Providing You Compensation. 
  • Investigate Claims. 
  • Gather Evidence/Proofs. 
  • Will Negotiate With Insurance Companies
  • Demand Letter
  • Preparing For Pleadings
  • Conducting Discovery
  • Represent You In Trails 

Providing You Compensation: There are a lot of different types of compensation for your damages. Some damages are easy to calculate such as damage of property, your medical bills, loss of income, loss of earning capacity but some damages are not as easy to calculate. Damages such as stress, mental health, loss of people, suffering, pain, enjoyment of life. These damages are not easily calculated as they are not in numbers. So a personal injury lawyer can help you in calculating your damages so you can get the compensation you deserve. 

Investigating Claims: Personal injury attorneys will investigate the claims because generally, personal injury lawyers work contingency fee basis. which means they will receive money only when they win the case. So they will investigate the claims and then they will decide whether they will be able to win the case for you or not.

Gather Evidence/Proofs: Evidence is very crucial for your case. To support the plaintiff’s claims, a personal injury attorney may gather evidence. Evidence such as witness statements, attorneys may ask photographers to take pictures of the accident area or property damage if any. They may collect other evidence such as camera footage or obtaining a police report.

 Attorney Will Negotiate With Insurance Companies:

Personal injury attorneys are very good at negotiating. They will check all the policy details of the plaintiff and they will help in providing you the maximum compensation possible. A personal injury lawyer will handle all the communication with the insurance company and this will help in preventing the plaintiff from doing anything which could potentially jeopardize his or her claim. So, you should not give any recorded statement to the insurance providers let the attorney handle this. 

Demand Letter: After reviewing, gathering evidence thoroughly, a personal injury attorney sends a demand letter to the insurance provider. This demand letter contains all the facts of accidents and the damages which are caused by the defendant. 

Preparing For Pleadings: If the insurance company failed to provide a fair settlement. Then a personal injury attorney will prepare the legal complaint against the defendant. This complaint is about a legal argument claiming that the defendant is the one who is responsible for the accident and damage. This complaint also seeks about that amount of damage the client/you deserve. It is said that the defendant has about a 30 days time period to provide the answer to this complaint. 

Conducting Discovery: Personal injury attorneys may conduct discovery. This means the plaintiff’s attorney may send interrogatories to the defendant to ask for some information. 

Represent You In Trails: If a case is not able to negotiate outside the court then the case will proceed to trials. Personal injury attorneys are already familiar with the system, rules, court customs, and procedures which will be very beneficial for you.

So the final question arises that Do you need an attorney for a slip and fall accident? This article will help you to find your answers.


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