Are you looking for Best Personal Injury Lawyer In Oklahoma City? Then you are at right place. In this article we are going to cover Top 10 Best Personal Injury Lawyer Oklahoma City.

Best Personal Injury Lawyer Oklahoma City

Best Personal Injury Lawyer Oklahoma City

  1. The Choate Law Firm

Located in Oklahoma City, the Choate Law Firm is a reputable personal injury and criminal defense law firm founded by attorney Shane Choate, who has over two decades of legal experience. Also, Specializing in cases such as car accidents, slip and fall accidents, wrongful death cases, and criminal offenses such as DUI, drug offenses, and theft, the Choate Law Firm is dedicated to obtaining justice and fair compensation for their clients. The firm’s attorneys are skilled in negotiations and litigation, known for their compassionate and personalized approach. They are one of the best Personal Injury Lawyer Oklahoma City.

Also, The Choate Law Firm also collaborates with a team of experts, including medical professionals and accident reconstructionists, to build strong cases for their clients. With a history of providing high-quality legal representation and obtaining successful outcomes, the Choate Law Firm has received numerous accolades, including being named a “Best Law Firm” by U.S. News and World Report. Additionally, the firm actively supports various charitable organizations and causes in the local community.

Address: 925 NW 6th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73106

Website: The Choate Law Firm

2. Abel Law Firm

The Abel Law Firm is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and was founded in 1976 by attorneys Jerry Abel and Jerry Richardson. Also, Specializing in personal injury and wrongful death cases, including automobile accidents, medical malpractice, and oilfield accidents, the firm has successfully recovered millions of dollars in damages for their clients.

Also, Known for their dedication to clients and aggressive representation in court, the Abel Law Firm has a team of experienced attorneys and support staff who work together to achieve the best possible outcome. In addition to personal injury and wrongful death cases, the firm also handles employment law, criminal defense, and family law cases. They are known for their compassion and strive to provide their clients with the highest level of legal representation.

Moreover, Committed to giving back to the community, the Abel Law Firm has been involved in numerous charitable organizations and events. Their dedication to serving the legal needs of Oklahoma City and the surrounding area is evident in their work.

Address: 900 NE 63rd St, Oklahoma City, OK 73105

Phone Number: +14052397046

Website: Abel Law Firm

Personal Injury Lawyer Near Me In Oklahoma City

3. Cain Law Office

Located in Oklahoma City, Cain Law Office specializes in personal injury cases and was founded by Attorney John Cain, who has over 25 years of experience. Also, The firm’s team helps clients who have been injured in accidents or due to negligence.

In addition to car, motorcycle, truck, and medical malpractice cases. Cain Law Office also handles wrongful death, nursing home abuse, and slip and fall accidents. Offering free consultations and working on a contingency basis, the firm fights for the rights of injury victims and helps them get the compensation they deserve. Known for providing compassionate, personalized service, Cain Law Office has a reputation for excellence. We highly recommend them. They are one of the best Oklahoma City Personal Injury Lawyer.

Address: 10415 Greenbriar Pl, Oklahoma City, OK 73159

Phone Number: +14052414364

Website: Cain Law Office

4. Warhawk Legal

Located in Oklahoma City, Warhawk Legal is a law firm that specializes in criminal defense and personal injury cases. Jason Hicks and Ryan T. Hand, attorneys and founders of Warhawk Legal, have a passion for helping clients navigate through difficult legal situations.

Moreover, The attorneys at Warhawk Legal are aggressive advocates for their clients and strive for the best possible outcome in each case. With a strong track record of success in both criminal defense and personal injury cases, they are known for their attention to detail and their ability to build strong cases for their clients.

Moreover, In addition to their legal expertise, the attorneys at Warhawk Legal are committed to their clients. They work closely with each individual to ensure that they understand their rights and options, providing personalized representation that meets their specific needs.

Also, Warhawk Legal is a highly respected law firm in Oklahoma City, dedicated to helping clients achieve the best possible outcome in their legal cases. They got good ratings on internet. That’s why they are 4th on our Personal Injury Attorney In Oklahoma City list.

Address: 127 NW 10th St Suite A, Oklahoma City, OK 73103

Phone Number: +14053971717

Website: Warhawk Legal



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