Suppose you had a slip and fall scene happen to you. Now, how long do you have to go to the doctor after a slip and fall to get the check-up done?

Firstly, you must take the statement in the notice for any of the slip and fall cases which is “ seek emergency medical help within 72 hours of the accident, if possible visit earlier.”
There might be a situation when you cannot have access to the family doctor. In such cases, you can seek help through an emergency walk-in clinic from any random practitioners who are well-qualified.

Check the proper credentials before renting medical expertise if you are not already familiar with them to ensure their medical practice and the niche they are working in.

How Long Do You Have To Go To The Doctor After A Slip And Fall?

Things To Do Immediately After Slip And Fall

Here are the few things you must do attentively before you have a slip and fall accident:

  • Sit on the chair nearby immediately but slowly stand up from that position. 
  • Sit on the chair, roll to the side, and do enough rest. 
  • Make sure you get your blood pressure to stabilize properly. 
  • Push your upper body up, and then choose to lift your head. 
  • Rest till you can walk again in case of minor accidents or noticeable injuries. 

  Reach home and take plenty of forests or choose to have a good sleep. 

Look for the symptoms of serious injuries. 

Here are some tips for finding out the seriousness:

  • Look for the muscle stain for bad bruising or both. 
  • Notice your pain and try to locate the specific site. 
  • Try to do icing for the next 24 -48 hours in regular intervals in pain and seek medical help immediately. 
  • Don’t self-medicate and check yourself properly once the pain is not improving.

The Right Time To See Medical Help After A Slip & Fall Accident:

Once you have a slip & fall accident, you might be wondering “how long do you have to go to the doctor after a slip and fall?” firstly, you need to notice the following signs and symptoms to self-recognize the seriousness:

  • Find you the abnormal behavior 
  • Observe your sleep patterns whether you face difficulty in sleep or are oversleeping. 
  • Find out the causes of severe headaches or stiffness in your neck. 
  • Observe changes in pupil sizes 
  • Try to detect any fluctuation in consciousness
  • Immediately seek medical help in case of vomiting. 

These are the few tips that one needs to remember to seek the right medical assistance in case of slip & fall accidents. 

Not only in your slip & fall cases, but it might also be possible that your near ones or dear ones met such an accident, you should look for these mentioned signs and symptoms in case of their issues as well. 

Observing these things will also help you file a claim against the liable party based on the medical documents generated at the time of the victim’s assistance. In addition to this, you can also turn as their witness while taking them to the medical help or notifying them of their abnormality based on your observations.


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