The incidences of the slip and fall often get manipulated intentionally, which makes it considered a Slip & Fall Fraud fake accident to happen. 

Suppose an example in a grocery store is if someone intentionally or unintentionally throws. There are chances that the persons passing by the route can accidentally fall and rest into an injury. And some grapes or foods which are slippery on the floor. 

Examples of fraud cases could be the person is dripping the liquid on the floor intentionally. And pretends that the mind slips due to the spilled liquid on the floor. 

In such cases, there are accomplices here who act as witnesses to the accident to get compensation for the injuries. Legislators in the USA take so many steps to prevent such crimes.

Slip and Fall Fraud

The Slip & Fall Fraud Insurances

Considering the things in figures, more than 2000 slip and fraud cases arise as per the national insurance crime bureau. 

The slip and fall rings are prevalent in the states and Philadelphia. 

Also, considering the other fact that there were 46+ attorneys arrested for the scheme insurance fraud in the Philadelphia district itself in 2014. 

Although keeping the surfaces and the floor clean is the business owner’s responsibility, some fraud people use it as an opportunity to commit a crime. 

To prevent such Slip & Fall Fraud, install cameras that will act as the right evidence where the fraud evidence cannot stand by. 

An investigation can help detect fraud, although it is sometimes difficult to recognize it.

When it comes to the outcomes of the Slip and fall fraud might result in unfair compensation or even dismissal of the case. 

So, now the question arises what should one do immediately after an accident to avoid  Slip & Fall Fraud:

  • Firstly you must report your accident to the supervisor of the property or owners, whoever is in reach. 
  • Now make sure you document each and everything which revolves around you. Caught the things in the picture and the other additional pieces of evidence, whichever possible,
  • The essential thing is to seek medical help immediately. 
  • Medically keep the injuries of the outcomes clean and clear to avoid the  Slip and Fall Fraud
  • Avoid getting help from insurance companies as they work to limit their payouts. That’s why they try their best to suppress the claim.
  • Connect to an attorney, which is an intelligent step. 
  •  If you associate with a slip and fall lawyer, the chances to provide the case and the adversity to the severity is possible with the help of a legal approach. 
  • Also, there are some  Slip and Fall cases where the witness is not traceable; therefore, you need to hire a legal expert to help you have fair justice. 

These are the few essential things you must do immediately after a slip and fall accident. 


LLM, Harvard University Legal Consultant

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