In this article, we’ll talk about the Top 10 Best Indianapolis Personal Injury Lawyer. Personal injury claims can be tough to handle alone. And this is where a legal professional can make things easier for you. They can help in getting the required pieces of evidence, and filing the claim, and will also represent you in court if the case requires. So, if you are looking for a local personal injury lawyer in Indianapolis, this list will be helpful to you.

Best Indianapolis Personal Injury Lawyer

Best Indianapolis Personal Injury Lawyers

  1. Ward & Ward Personal Injury Lawyers

Ward & Ward Personal Injury Lawyers have been serving in Indianapolis as well as various other locations in the state. Their team has over nine decades of legal experience in providing personal injury-related legal services. Furthermore, they handle cases of personal injury, wrongful death, and auto accidents. For any further information or a free initial consultation, you can contact the firm directly.

Address: 728 S Meridian St Indianapolis, IN 46225

Phone: 317-740-1900 | 317-639-9501


Review: Charlie [Ward] handled a personal injury case for me and was super. Not only did Charlie care, but he was an expert on the law and my case. He took the time to explain everything to me. – J. M.

Therefore, Ward & Ward firm has one of the Best Personal Injury Lawyer Indianapolis.

  1. Shartzer Law Firm, LLC

Shartzer Law Firm, LLC has been serving injured victims and their families in getting the best compensation since 2003. Moreover, the founding attorney Mr. Jason Shartzer is native to Indiana. Furthermore, he is known for his excellent negotiation skills. And to know more you can schedule a free consultation today.

Address: 156 E Market St. 10th Floor, Suite 1000 Indianapolis, IN 46204

Phone: 317-969-7600


Review: I was represented by Jason Shartzer in a car accident case that lasted approximately 18 months. He was very proficient from the start, making sure I understood how the legal process would work. To summarize, he kept me updated on the progress of the case, and I was very pleased with the result. On the whole, he did an excellent job. I definitely recommend doing business with Shartzer Law Firm. – Baylee

  1. Hurst Limontes LLC

Hurst Limontes LLC has recovered millions for the personal injury survivors and their families. Furthermore, they have a combined experience of 70 years in handling personal Injury claims. Their team handles cases including, but not limited to motor vehicle accidents, slip & falls, wrongful death suits, etc. Established in 1981, the firm also provides a free consultation for Injury-related cases. Some of their recent cases are,  $12M in a car accident case, $6.2M in a motorcycle and truck accident, and similar other cases.

To conclude, if you have any more queries, you can contact the firm directly.

Address: 50 S. Meridian St., Suite 600 Indianapolis, IN 46204

Phone: (317) 636-0808 | (800) 636-0808


Review: Alex was extremely helpful and professional. Throughout the process, the attention and service were personalized. He always made me feel that my business was important to him. I highly recommend Alex Limontes and his firm. – Emily

  1. Hensley Legal Group, PC

Hensley Legal Group, PC provide their legal services in Indianapolis as well as various other locations all over Indiana. To illustrate further, their team handles cases of personal injury claims regarding car accidents, motorcycle accidents, Premises Liabilities, Medical Malpractice, etc. They can help you get proper compensation and other financial benefits like lost wages, or other punitive damages.

Address: 117 E Washington St #200 Indianapolis, IN 46204

Phone: (317) 526-1440 |  888-505-8232


Review: Hi, I just wanted to say how impressed and satisfied I am with Hensley Legal Group. They helped with filing my SSDI claim and represented me in court.  Every time  I called with questions or concerns about my case, Vanessa was always courteous and knowledgeable. Therefore, I highly recommend this firm for all legal matters.

As it’s clear from their track record and positive client response that the firm has the Best Indianapolis Personal Injury Lawyer.

  1. Keller & Keller

Keller & Keller serves in Indianapolis and various other locations of Indiana as well as a few others across the state. Furthermore, their team has been helping the injured survivors and their families since 1936. Therefore, with almost 80 years of experience at their hand, they have established a reputation for getting the best compensation for their clients. And for further queries, you can connect with their attorneys and schedule a free consultation.

Address: 2850 N Meridian St. Indianapolis, IN 46208

Phone: 317-926-1111


Review: I had the best possible outcome because I switched to Keller & Keller so my advice to anyone reading this don’t make the mistake I did, call them first as I should have. They really do make sure that you leave with more money than they do on your case even if they take a hit on their fees. – Sarah W.

So, it’s clear that this firm has one of the Best Personal Injury Lawyer Indianapolis

  1. Yosha Cook & Tisch – Personal Injury Lawyers

Yosha Cook & Tisch have a combined legal experience of over 172 years. Furthermore, they’ve handled over 100 verdicts and recovered 100s of millions for their clients. With a 98% of success record, they can be considered one of the Best Personal Injury Lawyer Indianapolis. To illustrate more, some of their recent cases include a $20.3M verdict against a Fortune 500 energy company.

Address:  9102 N Meridian St # 535, Indianapolis, IN 46260

Phone: 317-648-7319


Review: Thanks to Jamison, Charity, and the rest of his team at Yosha Cook & Tisch – Attorneys At Law for working so diligently to resolve my case. Also, If you are ever in need of a personal injury attorney, please consider hiring Jamison Allen. – D. K.

  1. Isaacs & Isaacs

Isaacs & Issacs is an Indianapolis, and Indiana Personal Injury Law Firm. Additionally, their team has a proven track record of getting the proper compensation and recovery for their clients. To summarize, Darryl Isaacs and their team have experience in handling personal injury-related cases for many years. And you can schedule a free initial consultation with them.

Address: 201 N Illinois St, Ste 1617 Indianapolis, IN. 46204

Phone: 800-800-8888 | 800-333-9999


Review: I’ve heard of this firm from their good reputation in Louisville.  When I called their office they were very helpful. – Chad C.

  1. Ladendorf Law

Ladendorf Law has gained recognition for helping the injured victims in Indianapolis as well as various locations across the nation. Furthermore, some of their recent cases are $4M in a product liability case, $2.3M in a burn injury case, $2M brain injury case, and many similar cases.

Address: 7310 North Shadeland Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46250

Phone: 317-842-5800


Review: With the help of Mark Ladendorf and his talented team at Ladendorf Law, I recently received a significant settlement resulting from an extremely complicated, multi-year wrongful death suit involving the death of my spouse and two of our children. From my first meeting with Mark, I felt valued and heard and knew that his firm would represent my family firmly and fairly. – Paul B.

Therefore the firm can be considered to have one of the Best Personal Injury Lawyer Indianapolis.

  1. Rob King & Associates

With over 22 years of experience, Rob King & Associates led by Injury Attorney Rob King has been serving in Indianapolis and several other locations. Additionally, they have handled all types of injury lawsuits and can get you the best compensation by analyzing your case. You can also schedule a free initial consultation with them. To illustrate more, some of their practice areas include but are not limited to auto accidents and vehicle crashes, slip and falls, and medical malpractice claims.

Address: 22 E. Washington, Suite 310 Indianapolis, IN 46204

Phone: 13179160000


Review: I’m glad to have chosen this firm to represent my case. Thanks to them most of my medical bills got covered and I could go on living my life without worrying. Therefore I highly recommend this firm. – Anonymous

  1. Truitt Law Offices

Truitt Law Offices have been helping injured victims in Indianapolis and various other locations across the state for over 37 years. Moreover, they have been helping people who were wronged due to someone else’s negligence. The attorneys of the firm, Richard Truitt, Phillip Truitt, and Daniel Brophy are well experienced in handling personal injury-related claims. Therefore, they can be considered to have one of the Best Indianapolis Personal Injury Lawyer.

Address: 8888 Keystone Crossing Suite 1300, Indianapolis, IN 46240

Phone: 317-790-2517


Review: Kaylin Yagel is very outgoing and friendly. She is an asset to your firm as she strives to do her job there and do it well. Furthermore, she will answer questions to the best of her ability and if she doesn’t have the answer she will research it and get back to you. – Denise L.

  1. Craig, Kelley and Faultless LLC – Personal Injury Attorneys

Craig, Kelley, and Faultless LLC are led by the partners David Craig, William J. Kelley, and Scott Faultless. They are close friends and have been helping their clients in personal injury-related claims and related legal matters. Furthermore, they have decades of experience in handling such cases. They have a good number of staff members to help you throughout the case. So for further information, you can contact them directly and schedule a free consultation.

Address: 5845 Lawton Loop E Dr. Indianapolis, IN 46216

Phone: (317) 545-1760


Review: The attorneys and supporting staff at Craig, Kelley & Faultless are caring, courteous, and very thorough. As the client, from start to finish, I felt assured that getting the case settled was of the highest importance. Now having my case settled, I’m both pleased and satisfied. I highly recommend Craig, Kelley & Faultless. – Darlene W.

  1. Wruck Paupore PC Injury Lawyers

Wruck Paupore PC Injury Lawyers have experience in handling all types of personal injury-related lawsuits. And if you are looking for a personal injury lawyer in Indianapolis you can directly contact them for a free consultation. Also, They will guide and help you throughout the case.

Address: 9465 Counselors Row Indianapolis, IN 46240

Phone: 3174361082


Review: Thanks for helping us! We’ll always be thankful for how this firm stood by our side in our darkest times. Highly recommended! – Anonymous

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