In this article, we’ll talk about the Top 10 Best Personal Injury Lawyer Phoenix to help you find the lawyer best suited for your case. Personal injury cases can be hard to handle and even more so if you have been severely injured with no one else to take care of your loved ones. This is why it’s important to take the help of a personal injury lawyer phoenix who can get you the proper compensation. The financial benefits will also cover all of your medical bills if the case is settled in your favor. So, here is the list of personal injury lawyers in Phoenix.

Best Personal Injury Lawyer Phoenix

Best Personal Injury Lawyer Phoenix

1. Lamber Goodnow Injury Lawyers Phoenix

Lamber Goodnow Injury Lawyers Phoenix claims to have 99% of winning and settlement rates. Moreover, they work on a No-Win-No-Fee basis. So far they have recovered Millions of dollars in wrongful death and personal injury claims. A division of Fennemore Craig, P.C., the Lamber Goodnow Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer handles cases involving car accidents, commercial truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, bus accidents, dog bites, nursing home abuse, and many others. Established in 1885, the law firm provides aggressive and knowledgeable representation.

Therefore, if you are looking for the Best Personal Injury Lawyer Phoenix, you can contact Lamber Goodnow Injury Lawyers for a free case evaluation.

Address: 2394 E Camelback Rd #600 Phoenix, AZ 85016

Phone: 602-274-9662


Review: I would very highly recommend Marc and James. They helped my daughter and me when she was very seriously injured at her school. We needed the best legal representation possible and that’s exactly what we got with Marc and James. – Anonymous

  1. Phillips Law Group

Phillips Law Group lawyers have recovered hundreds of millions in compensation. They are licensed to practice law in Phoenix as well as in other locations across Arizona. The founder Jeffrey Phillips has been recognized as one of the “Best Attorneys in America”. Most personal injury lawsuits in the state have a statute of limitations of two years. But it’s important to contact a professional as soon as you can. Most lawyers including Phillips Law Group work on a contingency-fee-basis so you don’t have to pay any upfront fees unless you win.

Address: Phillips Law Group, 3101 North Central Ave #1500, Phoenix, AZ 85012

Phone: (602) 258-8888


Review: Phillips Law Group cares deeply about a DEIB environment for employees. The management listens and responds well to the team. Clients are treated with the highest quality representation. It is clear that communication is of utmost importance, and client’s always come first. – Nemo F.

  1. Kelly Law Team Phoenix

Kelly Law Team Phoenix lawyers headed by personal injury attorney Mr. John Kelly has been helping injured victims in getting the proper compensation that they deserve. To illustrate further, some of their winning cases include $3.30 Million in a Truck Accident, $2.25M in a Motorcycle Accident, $1.00M in a firework injury, and $675K in a gunshot injury, etc. Therefore, if you have been facing any such legal troubles or injuries, you can contact the Kelly Law Team for a free case evaluation.

Address: 1 E Washington St, Suite 1520 Phoenix, AZ 85004

Phone: 602-283-4122


Review: Grateful for The Kelley Law Firm advocating & supporting what’s in the best interest of their clients. From our first meeting with Mr. John Kelley to the ongoing support and notification with the firm, and with Cliff Frisbie overseeing and supporting the cases. – Brittany K.

  1. Goldberg & Osborne Injury Lawyers Phoenix

Goldberg & Osborne Injury Lawyers Phoenix has so far recovered over $2 Billion for the injured victims. To be specific, they’ve recovered $4.0M in a case of an Auto Insurance Settlement, $1.15M for a motor vehicle accident, $1.0M for an injured child case, etc. In their legal team, they have three Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Certified Specialists: Allen Bucknell, Lisa Kimmel, and John Osborne. Furthermore, they have a total of 18 offices in Arizona, including many locations in Phoenix.

Address: East Phoenix 4423 E Thomas Rd #3 Phoenix, AZ 85018

Phone: 602-808-6200


Review: My family is extremely happy with Goldberg and Osborne. From the first day we walked into their office Maddy was very kind, and sweet and made us feel very welcome and comfortable. We kept in contact with Maddy through the whole process. She was extremely helpful, answered every question we had, and responded promptly with everything. – A. L.

Therefore, Goldberg and Osborne can be considered one of the best personal injury lawyer Phoenix.

  1. Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys

Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys have recovered over $2 Billion for the injured victims. To be specific, they’ve recovered $10,000,000 in a Motorcycle Accident, $10,000,000 in a Pedestrian Accident case, and many others. They’ve over 240 years of combined litigation experience. And they serve in Phoenix as well as many other locations across the US such as Arizona, Nevada, Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee, New Mexico, Washington, Oregon, etc. So if you are having legal troubles, you can contact them directly and get a free case evaluation.

Address:  2701 E Camelback Rd #140, Phoenix, AZ 85016, United States

Phone: 602-977-1900


Review: I called them on the day of my accident and they took care of everything, from that point on. In fact, I never had to deal with the other person’s company or personal injury lawyer in phoenix az, if I did get a call I simply said, call Jacque at Lerner and Rowe and that was the end of the conversation. – Kyle M.

Also, Find more Personal Injury Lawyers Near You.

  1. Torgenson Law Arizona Injury Lawyers

Torgenson Law Arizona Injury Lawyers have recovered over $2M in a motor vehicle accident, $1.95M in a personal injury claim, $1.25M in a pedestrian accident case, etc. They claim to have a 99% success rate and have so far recovered millions for the injured victims. Furthermore, the type of financial benefits may vary in different cases but it includes compensation for medical bills, lost wages, loss of companionship, wrongful death, etc.

Therefore, if you are going through any type of injury case, and looking for the Best Personal Injury Lawyer Phoenix, then you should call Torgenson Law Arizona Injury Lawyers. They’re only available during office hours from Mon to Fri and you can request and schedule a free case evaluation.

Address: 333 West Roosevelt Street Phoenix, AZ 85003

Phone: (602) 726-0747


Review: Jon and his team were awesome. They helped our family fight against a moving company that lost all of our household goods and only wanted to pay us $7000.00 dollars for those losses. To sum up, with their hard work, we won a settlement of six figures. Thank You very much. Therefore, I would use this firm again without hesitation. – Bernard T.

  1. Rafi Law Group

Brandon Rafi, the founder of Rafi Law Group has recovered millions of dollars for the injured victims. They are available 24/7 for any legal queries and will provide you with a free consultation. Additionally, they have helped countless victims in Phoenix as well as throughout Arizona. With bilingual and experienced staff to help you with any legal troubles. Therefore, Rafi Law Group can be considered to be one of the Best Personal Injury Lawyer Phoenix Arizona.

Address: 2235 N 35th Ave, #100 Phoenix, AZ 85009

Phone: 623-207-1555


Review: Once we reached out to Rafi Law Group they were clear and precise, they streamlined everything for us and went above and beyond to help our family. On the whole, our lawyer, Bernard kept us well informed and was great to work with. In fact, we were very happy with our experience and the results the Rafi Law group provided. – Ian G.

  1. Zachar Law Firm, P.C.

Zachar Law Firm, P.C. have certified specialists to handle your legal matters. Established in 1996, the firm has been handling settlement cases and large verdicts. Christopher J. Zachar, the founder has decades of experience in practicing law in the state of Arizona, especially in personal injury-related, and wrongful death cases. To illustrate further, some of their notable works include $47 Million in an I-10 barrier jury verdict, $2.6M in a brain injury settlement, and many others. Therefore, Zachar law firm P.C. can be considered to have one of the Best Personal Injury Lawyer Phoenix.

Address: Zachar Law Firm, P.C. 714 E Rose Ln, Phoenix, AZ 85014

Phone: (602) 494-4800


Review: Great firm, with great people! Quick to answer questions and free to call.  A hidden treasure in a big city.  Glad I found them. Therefore, I would highly recommend them. – Jeff M.

  1. Zanes Law Injury Lawyers

Zanes Law Injury Lawyers handle cases involving motor vehicle crashes, construction accidents, slips and falls, dog bites, and other similar cases. Moreover, they work on a contingency-fee basis and are available 24/7. Founded in 2003 by Doug Zanes, the firm helps clients in phoenix as well as other locations in Arizona. For any further information, you can contact them directly.

Address: 4222 E Thomas Rd #100 Phoenix, AZ 85018

Phone: (602) 999-9999


Review: After I was hit by a drunk driver last year, Zanes Law handled my case and my experience was a positive one. Even though the guy was never given a sobriety test (due to a lot of inconvenient and frustrating circumstances including police incompetence and other things), they got me compensation for my totaled car and injuries. – Kayley Self

  1. Friedl Richardson

Friedl Richardson has been serving injured victims since 1997. Additionally, their team has a combined experience of over 80 years and they are always “trial-ready”. They are also a part of local legal teams, law enforcement, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), and similar other community-centered organizations. Therefore the firm is one of the Best Personal Injury Lawyer Phoenix.

Address: 13633 North Cave Creek Road Phoenix, AZ 85022

Phone: (602) 553-2220


Review: This was, without a doubt, the best law firm I have ever dealt with. In fact, hey kept me informed at all times and their response time was incredible. The pleasant personalities of all staff, especially Isis, were fantastic. – Sheila Wales

  1. Lloyd Baker Injury Attorneys

Lloyd Baker Injury Attorneys have a proven track record of success and will help you every step of the way. Lloyd W. Baker, the founder is a skilled negotiator and litigator. His philosophy is that “all attorneys are not created equal”. To conclude, for anything related to personal injury cases, you can contact them directly.

Address: Phoenix, AZ Office 4428 N 12th St Phoenix, AZ 85014

Phone: 602-265-5555


Review: This law firm is committed & will do everything in its power to get the MOST of your settlement to YOU! Again, appreciate very much the dedicated hard work shown by those named & all involved in a great outcome! – Beverley D.

  1. Alex & Associates, P.C.

Established in 1974, Alex & Associates, P.C. have been recognized as top-rated Arizona Accident Injury Attorneys. Furthermore, they’ve over 35 years of experience in handling cases of motorcycle, tractor-trailer, pedestrian, bicycle, and auto accidents. The team of Attorneys Andrew Alex and Trysta Puntenney works to get you the maximum compensation that you deserve. Additionally, they claim to have a 99% of success rate. To illustrate further, they’ve recovered nearly $6,300,000 in construction Accidents.

So for any further information or legal queries, you can contact them directly.

Address: 1717 E Bell Rd, Suite 1 Phoenix, AZ 85022

Phone: 6024836114


Review: First of all everybody in the company is super nice and I really appreciate Tristan and Lori went battle for me to win my case I will recommend them to everybody they are awesome and I love you both I love the company may God bless you – Charles A.

Personal Injury Lawyer Near Me Phoenix

Hopefully, the list of lawyers in Phoenix provided here will help readers find the best lawyer suited for their case.


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