A pedestrian accident attorney specializes in pedestrian accidents. They can help you if you are facing injuries and damage due to the negligence of the other party. You’ll get both economic and non-economic compensation if the other party is proven at fault for the accident. It is an unfortunate but sad reality of the modern transportation system but pedestrian accidents are reported almost every day. The Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) states that in the US, 7,458 fatal accidents were reported in the year 2021. Which is more than in any previous years.

Pedestrian Accident Attorneys

Pedestrian Accident Attorney, Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

You have the right to get compensation If you are hit by a car or other motor vehicle, Insurance companies may not offer you all the monetary benefits. Because they are looking for profit themselves. They’ll try everything to protect their client. So it’s better to have a pedestrian accident lawyer to deal with them. You can hire a Pedestrian Accident Attorney who can help you throughout the process.

The liability is based on the negligence of the people involved. But given the complications, it’s hard for an individual to negotiate for profit. There can be many loose ends that the opposite party may use against you.

For example, they can say that the area they were driving in was dim lit or that the clothes of the victim were too dark. If the pedestrian was drunk then the case gets even harder to win. But an experienced pedestrian accident attorney can look for clues that might help you win the case.

In order to prove that there was negligence in a pedestrian accident, the lawyer needs to prove the following. The injured party also known as the “plaintiff” caused an accident or harmed the person at fault or the “defendant”.

During an accident that involves a pedestrian, there can be more than one cause-

  • The person driving the vehicle
  • Faults in the road or poor lighting in the area may put the liability in the bucket of those who are responsible for handling the maintenance
  • The pedestrian themselves

In any of these cases, it’s best to take the help of a pedestrian accident lawyer in order to get your compensation.

Best Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

It’s hard to get out of the trauma of an accident. But to get the required compensation you need to hire the best pedestrian accident, lawyer. It may take some time to find one but it’s worth the time.

In order to hire the best pedestrian accident lawyer, you need to keep these things in mind-

  • Experience – Ask whether the pedestrian accident lawyer has handled similar cases before.
  • Previous records – Find out how many cases they have won and lost. It will make things a bit clearer.
  • Reputation – Are there other clients who can recommend their services, ask them. If the lawyer has previous clients that are not happy with the work then that’s a sign to leave
  • Contingency – You don’t have to pay a lawyer unless you win. Ask if they work on the contingency fee. If not, then it’s better to hire one who does.
  • Personal – If all things check out but you and your lawyer do not get along, then it’s not a good sign. Try to find a lawyer who can communicate and understand your case on a personal level.

You should interview a few lawyers before deciding to handle your case.

Main reasons for a pedestrian accident-

  • Negligence of the driver or the pedestrian
  • Faulty road
  • Violation of traffic laws
  • Faulty vehicle (problem with the brakes or tires)
  • Drunk and drive case

Road Safety for pedestrian

Type of injuries due to the accident-

The accident may result in deep cuts, head injuries, facial, spinal cord, orthopaedic, etc. Most of the cases are not so severe but the accident may result in long-term injuries. In these cases, if you cannot go to work, and have a family relying on you then claiming insurance can help you out. A pedestrian lawyer can get you out of this financial burden with their years of experience. They can help you with the lost wages, medical bills, and other property damages by negotiating with the insurance company.

Why Is It Important To Hire A Pedestrian Accident Lawyer?

The things that you have to deal with after the accident are not easy to handle. If you or your family members cannot deal with such legal matters then you should hire a lawyer.

A pedestrian accident lawyer can help you through these tough times. They can help you by dealing with the insurance company and providing you with better compensation. They can also help you with the deadlines. According to the statute of limitations, all claims and lawsuits are bound by a time period within which they need to be reported.

Steps to take after the accident-

It is not easy being in an accident. The shock and trauma are not bearable to most people. But if you can document the scene and the crash, then it will help when claiming insurance or talking to a pedestrian accident lawyer. Here are a few steps you can take after the accident –

  • Call 911
  • Try to stay calm and safe
  • Don’t admit anything or try to go for a settlement.
  • Talk to a lawyer and your insurance company
The case of pedestrian children

These cases affect children more. Because of their height, it’s hard to see them from a driver’s position. That’s one of the reasons the court puts them as a high-priority case. If a child of 5-9 years is injured, you will definitely get charged. It is best if you don’t drive fast near schools and park areas. And if you ever do get in such an accident it’s best to provide medical aid to the child as soon as possible.

We hope that now you have all the answers regarding pedestrian accidents and why hiring a pedestrian accident attorney is good for your case. Hopefully, these frequently asked questions will help you further.


What Is Pedestrian Negligence?

Not adhering to the rules for example looking at the road both ways before crossing. Not paying attention to the vehicles on the road comes under pedestrian negligence.

What happens if a pedestrian is a reason?

If a person runs into your vehicle without looking both ways, they are also at fault. According to the law, they will have to pay for your damages even if they are injured.

How can I know if my case is a pedestrian accident case?

Only an attorney can answer that question. They have to consider a lot of things in order to define. For example, the statute of limitations, who is at fault, evidence, type of injuries, and losses.

Who pays for the pedestrian involved in the case?

If you have personal injury health insurance then they can help you out in these cases. Otherwise, if the pedestrian is not at fault, they have the right to get compensation from the vehicle owner’s insurance company.

Does my car insurance cover a pedestrian accident?

Yes, your car insurance will pay for any damages caused to pedestrians. Which includes bodily injuries. But if they claim for more then it’s the vehicle owner who has to pay for it.


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