If you are a victim of a burn injury, then a Burn injury lawyer can help you in filing a case against any third party or anyone whose negligence was responsible for it. Chemicals, radiation, electricity, or radioactivity can all result in burn injuries. For example, coming in contact with objects, such as fire, hot liquid or hot solid objects can cause serious damage to your skin. And sometimes the damage is deeper in the muscles and bones.Burn Injury Lawyer

Burn Injury Lawyer

The reason you might need a Burn Injury Attorney is when the fire or the burn is the result of someone’s negligence and carelessness in not adhering to the safety rules. It can be your apartment or at a workplace. It can be a neighbor’s children playing around with the firecrackers or your apartment building not having the proper safety systems such as smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and proper exit plans in the apartment. As a result, you have to pay for their carelessness. Whatever may be the reason, you can complain against the third party.

If you suffer from a third-party burn, you may need professional help. Usually, people do not know their rights or how to proceed in such cases. But you have all the right to claim the compensation money from a third party. Given these points, a burn injury lawyer or personal injury attorney will help you in gathering pieces of evidence, medical records, etc. to help you get all the financial assistance possible from the negligence authority who caused you mental and physical pain.

Who Is The Best Burn Injury Attorney?

You can contact Morgan & Morgan law firm and get free advice and experienced attorneys to fight for your case. Not only do they provide you with free consultation and services, but also offer you free medical treatments. Learner&Rowe also offer experienced burn injury attorneys for such cases.

As we already discussed, a burn injury attorney can help you get compensation for medical bills, daily wages, lost property, etc. In addition to this, they can help you in filing a case for any third party that can be sued and can be made to pay you. You need to build a strong case against them. And, gathering all the required evidence will take time and patience.

Non-fatal burn injuries make the victim prone to social rejection. Moreover, it can take a toll on a person’s physical and mental well-being. It’s true that burn injuries are the most traumatic injuries of all. Such injuries mostly affect children and old people. It can definitely be very traumatic for them. The cost of treatments can sometimes reach millions. And in such cases, you need to have financial assistance.

Best Burn Injury lawyers Near Me

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Should I Get an attorney for a Burn Injury?

You should get one in order to fight for your rights and the people who made you suffer need to pay for their negligence. To get you the compensation you deserve, third-party negligence should be filed and a strong case needs to be formed. For example, if a product caused your skin damage, you can sue the company.

If you get burn injuries at work or during work-related hours then you need to contact a work injury attorney to get the required compensation. This is only if your employer or your insurance company does not offer you any kind of assistance, but if they do then you don’t have to.

But, in the case of personal burn injuries, you may contact a personal injury attorney. They can help you by gathering the required evidence and other reports to file a case against the party that caused you harm. They can help you in filing the complaint or make a court case if the settlement is not mutually acceptable.

To get the information on your benefits and compensation, you can contact an attorney for free.

What are the main causes of a burn injury?

According to a report published by the American Burn Association, there were nearly 200 patients being admitted to burning centers annually. But, fire is not the only cause of such severe burn injuries. There are some diseases that require similar treatments. Major causes include:

  • Discarded cigarette buds
  • Fireworks
  • Chemicals, or chemical products
  • Lightning storms
  • Open flame
  • Electric appliances

How Burn Injuries are Classified?

You can get compensation depending on the level of burn injury you have. Let’s look at some of these:

  • First-degree burns – damages only the epidermis and heals within 4-5 days
  • Second-degree burns – damages the epidermis, as well as the second layer of skin, called the dermis.
  • Third-degree burns – affects deeper skin tissues
  • Fourth degree – destroys skin, fat, and even bones

To get the required benefits, we have to consider how much damage was done. In such cases, Total Body Surface Area (TBSA) is used to calculate the burn size.

If your loved ones have been victims of fire or any serious burn injuries then you can take the help of your relatives and caregivers to find the best way to get compensation and help the victim in the healing process both financially and mentally.

In conclusion, you need to have full access to medical treatments, and mental therapy sessions for full recovery and healing.


How much can you get for a Burn Injury?

It varies according to the severity of the case. Victims with first-degree burns get lower compensation than third or fourth degree.

  • First-degree – The average compensation is less than ten thousand dollars
  • Second-degree– 25-75 thousand dollars
  • Third-degree – Up to millions of dollars
  • Fourth-degree – It’s the most severe injury of all and you may get compensation worth millions of dollars
Do most Burn Injury cases settle out of court?

Not all because the court cases are not worth the time, money, and energy. This is why most people go for settlement and get the desired compensation fee in order to dissolve the case. If the settlement is beneficial for all the parties then there is no need to go for a trial or spend time in a court case.

How much does the insurance company take to settle a case?

The insurance company may ask for up to 40% of the value you might receive for your compensation. Insurance companies always take very long to payout the compensation because they have to do a background check on whether the case is valid or not. And most importantly, they have to gather the required information to make sure your claims have some weight, and then they can pay you.

How the long pain time pain and suffering is calculated?

The pain and suffering in the case of burn injuries can be pretty tedious. Other monetary losses are easily computable but how much pain and burn damage caused you mental damage is not usually quantifiable. We can divide the type of damage into first, second, and third-degree burns and that’s how we examine and decide how deep and serious or severe the burn is. In such cases, a burn injury lawyer can help in identifying which category your injury falls into and make a case to get the desired compensation that you deserve.

How long does a Burn Injury case go to get settled?

2-4 years depending on how powerful the third party is, however, if you are going for a settlement then it should not take long. Your attorney needs to gather all the reports and evidence to help you in getting the required money. If the third party agrees with you, the settlement process is closed. All you need to do is find a good personal injury attorney.


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